To prepare your County Leader of the Year entry:

1. Identify the community, its population and the person nominating the candidate.

Be sure to include general demographic information about the county.

2. Identify the nominee and his/her position

Be sure to include the nominee's full name, their position and how long they have been working for the county.

3. Explain, in 1,500 words or less, why the nominee should be selected as the winner. If appropriate, send supporting material, which could include newspaper or magazine articles and photographs.

Be sure to include not only what the nominee has accomplished, but why these accomplishments were important to the community. Be as descriptive as possible. Accomplishments can include both tangible and non-tangible improvements in county life, such as overseeing the construction of a new park, or fostering a sense of pride in the community.

4. Provide contact information for both the nominator and the nominee. 

Be sure this information is easy to find on the nomination at a glance.


All elected officials, department heads or employees working for any county government in the United States are eligible. There are no restrictions on who can submit a nomination.

Nominees are judged on major accomplishments (please include only accomplishments from the 2015 calendar year to present. County Leader of the Year is not a lifetime achievement award), the reasons those accomplishments/projects were important to the community, and when the projects involved were completed. The winner will be profiled in the June issue.


Friday, May 20, 2016


The editorial board will evaluate all nominations received by the deadline and select several finalists. If your nominee is selected as a finalist, you will be contacted to provide further information.

How to send the nomination:

Email applications in .doc or .PDF format to Publisher Bill Wolpin at [email protected] and Editor Derek Prall at [email protected]. Be sure to make the subject line "CLOY AWARDS – 2016 – NOMINATION."

For more information on American City & County's awards programs or to see past winners, please visit the American City & County Awards page.