Municipal Cost Index

The Municipal Cost Index (MCI), developed exclusively by American City & County, is designed to show the effects of inflation on the cost of providing municipal services. State and local government officials rely on American City & County‘s Municipal Cost Index to stay on top of price trends, monitor price increases for commodities, make informed government contract decisions and plan budgets intelligently. Since 1978, readers have loyally referred to the Municipal Cost Index to determine the cost of inflation and, hence, the rising cost of doing business as a local government.

On this page, Municipal Cost Index data for the current year and the year-to-year percentage change in the index compared to that month last year are displayed. Additionally, related data for the three indices that comprise the Municipal Cost Index are also shown. Scroll down to find historical data for the Municipal Cost Index and its component indices dating back to 1978.

Month (2020) Municipal Cost Index (MCI) MCI
Yr-Yr % Change
Construction Cost Index (CCI) CCI
Yr-Yr % Change
Consumer Price Index (CPI) CPI
Yr-Yr % Change
Producer Price Index (PPI) PPI
Yr-Yr % Change
Jan 255.56 1.64% 292.27 1.69% 258.82 2.43% 199.40 0.40%
Feb 254.87 1.28% 292.38 1.68% 259.05 2.35% 196.50 -1.11%
Mar 253.77 0.39% 292.41 1.58% 257.95 1.50% 193.80 -3.63%
Apr 251.13 -0.86% 292.91 1.75% 255.90 0.37% 186.00 -7.97%
May 252.11 -0.44% 293.09 1.79% 255.77 0.24% 189.40 -6.00%
Jun 253.22 -0.02% 293.52 1.66% 257.21 0.75% 191.10 -4.59%

(Note: the consumer and producer price indexes are published monthly by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The PPI figure used is the number for all commodities. The municipal cost index incorporates the construction cost index, the consumer price index and the production price index.)

About the Municipal Cost Index

Learn more about the Municipal Cost Index, including its history and the factors included in its monthly calculation.

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