Nominations now open for AC&C’s 2017 leadership awards

Every year American City & County honors public officials from across the county for their impressive accomplishments and outstanding leadership. Our individual leadership awards include the Municipal Leader of the Year, the County Leader of the Year and the Public Works Official of the Year awards. Officials who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and meaningfully impacted their communities over the past year are eligible for the awards.

Please note: AC&C's leadership awards are not lifetime achievement awards. While there are many public officials who have had noteworthy, lifelong careers, our awards are not designed to recognize these individuals. Instead, we are honoring those public servants who, through their exemplary leadership, have substantially transformed their communities for the better over the 12 to 18 months.


We encourage you to nominate any outstanding local government official in the United States who strove to make their community a better place during in 2017.

Nominees are judged on major accomplishments, why the efforts were important to the community, and the timeline in which they were completed. Our editorial board will take into consideration the nominee’s leadership skills, their resourcefulness, the uniqueness of their story and the impacts the nominee's leadership had on their community.

The winners of all three awards will be profiled in the November issue of American City & County. There are no restrictions on who can submit a nomination.

Three steps to prepare the nomination form:

1. Identify the nominee and their community, including the leader's title and the community's population along with the contact information of the individual(s) nominating. Those responsible for submitting the winning nominations will be notified in late October.

Please note: This year, we are calling for submissions of all three leadership awards at the same time. Please designate the leadership award for which you are nominating – Municipal, County, or Public Works Leader of the Year.

2. Summarize the major accomplishments the nominee achieved during the past 12 to 18 months. This section should be around 500 words. This should be the “what did they do” section of the nomination. Please refer back to previous winners to get an idea of the types of accomplishments we’re looking to honor.

3. Explain, in no more than 1,500 words, the impact the nominee has had on the community, how their leadership has been transformative and why the community is a better place because of them. If appropriate, send supporting material, including newspaper or magazine articles, and photographs. This should be the “why their work is important” section of the nomination.

How to send the nomination form:

Only applications sent via email in .doc or .pdf format will be considered. Send all requisite materials to BOTH Editorial Director Bill Wolpin at [email protected] AND Managing Editor Derek Prall at [email protected]. In the subject line, please designate if you are nominating for the Municipal, County or Public Works Leader of the Year award. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Derek Prall at 770-618-0401.

The deadline for nominations is October 27.

Thank you, and good luck!