Crown Communities Awards

2018 Crown Communities Awards
Deadline: To be announced. Nominations are not currently open.



Any city or county government project in the United States substantially completed in the last 18 months is eligible.

Projects can encompass virtually any aspect of city or county government, including — but not limited to — water supply, streets and highways, parks and recreation, wastewater collection and treatment, public finance, public transportation, stormwater and flood control, technology, solid waste collection and treatment, public safety, management, building maintenance and construction, and grounds maintenance. There are no restrictions on who can submit a nomination.

Projects will be judged on uniqueness, short- and long-term value to the community and effective/innovative financing.

3 steps to prepare the nomination:

1. Identify the community, its population and the person nominating the project. The individuals responsible for submitting the winning nominations will be notified in mid December. The winning projects will be profiled in American City & County’s December issue.

2. Describe the project. Be sure to include its costs, how it was financed, the agencies and venders involved, the project’s basic timeframe.

3. Explain, in less than 1,500 words, why the project was needed, how it was completed and the results. If appropriate, send other supporting material, including newspaper or magazine articles, and photographs.